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Maintenance complete 24/09

🔊Dear Mutizens

🆙️Servers online

🎁New giftcodes rufian2494 rufian2495

💎Drop x2 (3 days)

🔥RECHARGE X2 (7 days)


👉New festive event for all servers (includes most popular)

👉Rufian Week its back again! (7 days)

👉New esscense event (7 days)

👉Remember close game and open again for see new events


🔥Coupon discount in webshop 10% (requires spending 1,000,000 or more emoney in a single purchase within the webshop). Coupon code RUFIANSEP


🤩Next friday 1/10 arrived the 4th anniversary events of Rufian Mu will begin, we will make October an excellent month for all our users, it will be a whole month of events, gifts, promotions and surprises, we will also take a small look at what awaits us next year 2022 that explodes (they tell me internally that the dark lord and the grow lancer are coming, violent girls to mu rufian v7)


🔜 Very soon we will be with the tests of the new update with version V15 and its 2 new classes (dark lord and grow lancer) for our server, our developer informed us that he will directly fix all the reports of bugs / problems in the new version already that it is not worth working on the current one knowing that in 30 60 days we will have everything new



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👑Rufian Origin v7 - Play now 👑

📌LINK DOWNLOAD: https://www.rufianmu.com/web/downloads

👉Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/rufianmu3

👉Discord Community https://discord.gg/42WwePS5rz

📢Web www.rufianmu.com

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🏅Events Active: https://www.rufianmu.com/web/events

💰Recharge https://www.rufianmu.com/web/recharge

👉Guide how to use emoney https://youtu.be/AwNFYi1na9I