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Maintenance complete 22/10

🔊Dear Mutizens - happy week 4 anniversary Rufian Mu🤘🤘🤘


🆙️Servers online


🎁New special giftcodes: rufian2211 rufian2212


💎New DROP x4 (7 days)


🔥NEW RECHARGE X4 (7 days)


✅Festin event special edition (prizes increased)


🔥New server 8 its coming soon 29/10


👉Game News


🔥Still have special box on webshop🔥


🔥Remember claim ur special titles on Acc. login rewards


✅Esscence craft its back (7 days)


✅Fashion Exchange craft its back (7 days)


✅Extend all events active for 7 days more🔥


⚠️Remember close game and open again for see new events


🔥Coupon discount in webshop 20% (15/10 - 21/10)


👉Coupon code: RUFIANMUOCT


👉Requires spending 2,000,000 or more emoney in a single purchase within the webshop.


🔜 Very soon we will be with the tests of the new update with version V15 and its 2 new classes (dark lord and grow lancer) for our server, our developer informed us that he will directly fix all the reports of bugs / problems in the new version already that it is not worth working on the current one knowing that in 30 60 days we will have everything new




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👑Rufian Origin v7 - 4 years 👑




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