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Maintenance complete 30/07

🔊Dear Mutizens

🆙️Servers online

🎁New giftcodes rufian3077 rufian3078

💎Drop x2 (3 days)

📌Add Craft "Rufian Special event" (7 days)


🔥Last 3 days for recharge x2


🔥Coupon discount in webshop 20% (requires spending 1,800,000 or more emoney in a single purchase within the webshop). Coupon code RUFIANX20


✅Game News

📌Add many changes on PVP, please continue test and send feedback for continue working on that


📌Add guide and webshop box info on discord #Webshop


📌Merge server 1-4 & server and new 7 coming soon🔥


📌Sent rewards for last Castle Siegue


✍🏻Take note:

👉There is still a problem with the hp bar not updating, you perform dmg but your enemy's hp bar does not decrease, the dev is already aware of the problem and will send us the fix soon.


👉We have also reported the problem that sometimes the characters "fall to the ground" and cannot move / use skills until they do not relocate, we are also waiting for that problem to be fixed to apply it to the official .



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👑Rufian Origin v7 - Play now 👑

📌Link New client: https://www.mediafire.com/file/6ctzdkolsrlt46c/rufian7al.apk/file

👉Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/rufianmu3

👉Discord Community https://discord.gg/42WwePS5rz

📢Web www.rufianmu.com

🎁Giftcodes: https://www.rufianmu.com/web/giftcodes

🏅Events Active: https://www.rufianmu.com/web/events

💰Recharge https://www.rufianmu.com/web/recharge

👉Guide how to use emoney https://youtu.be/AwNFYi1na9I